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Turnpike House, N16

The situation

Hatzola Trust Ltd brought this Historically used Victorian pub for their headquarters to better serve the community with emergency services. When applying for planning permission to build, Hatzola was worried about the security of the empty building and the costs of running it until they were ready to build. That’s where we, Sentry Guardians came in.

How we helped the client

Sentry Guardians, Secured the property by placing live-in guardians, to keep squatters out. We also take care of all utilities and legalities, taking that worry off the client too. instead of costing Hatzola thousands of pounds a month securing the empty property, we are able to generate an income for them.



“Sentry Guardians helped me keep my building from neglect and vandalism”

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Stoke Newington

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Hatzola Trust Ltd

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