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Become a property hunter
for easy extra income

Want instant cash? You’ll love our referral scheme.

Simply refer empty property owners to Sentry or tell us about vacant properties you’ve spotted. That’s it- we’ll do the rest. If we get the job, you get £1,000 per property referred, meaning there’s no limit on how much easy money you can earn.

Want to work for us in an affiliate marketing capacity?

Here’s how it works:

You recommend
You recommend Sentry to your friends, family, or client or tell Sentry about an empty property you know about.
We get in touch
We get in touch with the owners at a time that suits their schedule.
They sign up
They sign up to our services and get their property protected.
You get rewarded!

You get a whopping £1,000 - per property referred!

Become an empty property hunter and enjoy the following benefits:

Easy setup and implementation

Becoming a registered affiliate is really simple and takes just a few minutes to set up

New source of profit and passive income

You literally get paid a lump sum for doing almost nothing- and a skilled affiliate gets paid many times over!

Non-existent risk

You’re investing nothing besides for a few minutes of your spare time.

High conversion rate

A staggering majority of referred properties end up on our books - so chances of success are high for each referral.

The vacant property experts

Sentry Guardians specialises in empty property protection by placing live in guardians in vacant spaces across London. Owners protect their property without paying a penny and can even earn income without doing a thing while guardians get to live in their preferred location at a fraction of the cost.