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Protect your empty properties at zero cost

When you want protection, but you don’t want to pay

Sentry specialises in vacant property protection by placing guardians to live in, and fully safeguard them. Choose us and you totally eliminate security costs, empty business rates, insurance premiums and maintenance fees.

Best of all, when you require your property back, we’ll get it vacated super fast, ensuring everything is in ship-shape condition so you can use it right away.

How much will Sentry save you?

Fed up of forking out for security? Stop paying and start earning via paying tenants while saving thousands in security costs. Here’s how much you can save each year you use Sentry Guardians:
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0
£ 0

Who are our guardians?

We meticulously vet all our guardians to ensure your properties are protected by the most suitable people.

Forget squatters, arsonists or drug dealers – your property will be looked after by hard-working professionals who are 21 years or older.

Turn costs into cash. Here's how

We assess
We inspect and assess your property.
We plan
We provide you with a plan and proposal tailored to your needs
We refurbish
We invest in your property, bringing it up to standard under sanitary compliance.
We protect
Our carefully vetted guardians occupy your property under a nonexclusive license agreement.
We manage
We provide full management and monthly inspection of the property through site visits and online monitoring.
We vacate
Once you have established a new use for your space, we will provide you with the vacant property after 28 days.

Frequently asked questions

As soon as you require your property back, we give guardians 28 days to leave, after which it’s yours, in the condition we got it in – worst case scenario. Best case? If Sentry has refurbished your property, it will be in a better condition than it originally was.

We require the building to have the bare minimum necessary for it to be habitable. This simply means running water, electricity, water, and windproof windows. Sentry guardians will take care of everything else necessary. 

Our guardians are happy to live in properties ranging from self-contained flats/houses to former schools, office blocks, schools, pubs, care homes, and even police stations. We’re pretty amazing at turning any commercial property into guardian homes.

None at all. We take on all running costs without you paying a penny.
In most cases, you get a steady monthly income while simultaneously protecting your property – all without doing a thing.
We only take on properties with a minimum contract of 6 months. This is because getting the building ready for guardians is a considerable expense on our part that cannot be justified by a  term of fewer than 6 months. However, we do offer a Caretaker service for properties that need to be secured for a very short term, so please do contact us to discuss your needs.
Yes, that can be easily arranged.

When a live-in guardian won't cut it

Sometimes, having a live-in guardian is not the right option. If your property is in really poor shape, we cannot charge people to live there. Similarly, if it only needs to be secured for a few months, placing guardians there isn’t worth the time and money invested. In such cases, we have additional options to secure your vacant space.

What our clients say

"We had an empty property for 16 months and then we gave it over to Sentry Guardians to protect, Sentry Guardians are really pleasant and easy to deal with and we feel at ease that our property is being protected by them. Thank you!"
Nextgen real estates
“We are really please with Sentry Guardians as they are efficient and effective! Our property was empty for 6 months, and now that Sentry has secured it we have peace of mind that our property is looked after.”
Ellinson Estates ltd
“Sentry guardians have protected our building from Squatter and vandalism. They have managed to secure the building with property guardians, giving the building inherent security. We are also making an income each month which is really great."

Get in touch

Simply get in touch to get the process started; once you’re on our guardian scheme, you won’t need to worry about – or pay for – a thing.