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How to generate a profit from your empty property

It is now more expensive than ever to hold a vacant property, and council tax is one of the biggest factors that add to this expense.


Council Tax

It is, like any property, an expensive possession, important to ensure that your vacant property or empty house is insured.



Most insurers have a clause in the policy that if the property is vacant for 30 days, then the insurance is void. Therefore, it can be a lot harder to get your vacant property insured, and there are fewer insurance companies to choose from.



As with any property, there are a lot of costs that perhaps you do not always consider in the first instance but will crop up later and cause you to pay more than you had anticipated.


Utility Bills:

Info: You will need to send someone to check on the property a lot and you may have to pay a standing charge on the metre.


Emergency repairs:

As well as the general maintenance costs, there are also emergency repairs that you will need to keep in mind when holding a vacant property. There isn’t a single list or type of scenario that can summarise this. However, there can be many scenarios that mean you will have to pay unexpected emergency costs.


Emotional Costs:

As a professional house buying company and buyers of probate property, we have seen time and time again the emotional distress that can come with keeping and holding a vacant property.


Our Process:

  • We assess
  • We inspect and assess your property 
  • We provide you with a plan and proposal tailored to your needs
  • We refurbish
  • We invest in your property, bringing it up to standard under sanitary compliance.
  • Our carefully vetted guardians occupy your property under a nonexclusive license agreement.
  • We provide full management and monthly inspection of the property through site visits and online monitoring.
  • Once you have established a new use for your property, we will provide you with the vacant possession after 28 days.
  • You earn


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