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Struggling to find affordable housing near work?

Sentry guardians is the perfect solution>

Live close to work and pay affordable rent

Save up for your first home

Be part of a professional community

Option to leave with only 28 days notice

Live close to work and pay affordable rent

What exactly is a property guardian?

Landlords want empty properties protected; working professionals seek prime locations at minimal rent. Sentry orchestrates a mutually beneficial arrangement between both parties. 

Working professionals become guardians, protecting landlords’ vacant properties by living in them while enjoying increased flexibility and a rent far cheaper than the local London rate.

Thousands of young professionals and key workers have opted for guardianship as a cheap, flexible and social alternative to private rental. No commute equals more time to live life fully! The affordable rent allows them to save for their own home, all while living in shared living space at a prime location.

Best of all, guardians get to vacate their property at a moment’s notice – so if they want to travel abroad for three months, are relocated by their branch or finally want to buy their own place, they can simply pack their bags and start a new life elsewhere.

Frequently asked questions

A Live-in Guardian protects empty properties, whilst getting to live at a fraction of ordinary rental costs. If you’re a young professional interested in exploring an alternative way to live in London that’s both unique and affordable (almost an oxymoron in the city), becoming a Guardian could be the perfect choice for you. Sentry Guardians is a property guardian company and by becoming a guardian with us you will need to sign a Licence Agreement, making you a Licensee- not a tenant.
As a property guardian, your primary responsibility is to protect the property. This includes reporting any issues and making sure the property is secured during your stay. Property guardianship does not require you to undertake any security functions or maintenance work. We will provide you with 24/7 emergency numbers in the event of a threat or risk to you or the property.

Our licence fee ranges from £300 per month up to £1,000, depending on the size and condition of the property. This includes all costs including utility bills.

Yes, all bills are included- water, electricity, council tax etc. If you’re lucky, you might even get Wifi thrown in for free!

We require a deposit when you secure your room. This is fully refundable once you move out of the property. We do not charge a registration fee.

Yes, all properties come with free wifi.

Your licence has a 28 day notice period. We will always try and find you another property within our guardianship scheme to move to once your occupation comes to an end.
Yes, they can have up to 2 guests each night.

We have a 24/7 contact number, we also have an online portal where all issues can be logged.

Yes, as long as the supporting documents have been uploaded on Jotform and vetted. If everything is in order, things can happen super fast.
Yes, but it would have to be confirmed with the Guardians Officer.
All guardians are fully working professionals, including self employed. We do not accept students as guardians.
  • Register
  • Get a viewing slot booked by us
  • Choose your room/property
  • Upload necessary supporting docs
  • Get a positive/negative reply once the vetting process has happened, and, if relevant, get signed up
  • Pay a deposit plus a month’s rent upfront (calculated from the date you move in)
  • Collect your keys
  • Move in!

What our guardians say

Are you looking for cheap living accomodations?

We are always looking for new guardians who are fully employed and want to enjoy a more flexible lifestyle while performing the valuable service of protecting an empty building.

Are you?

All our guardians are required to sign a Licence Agreement, making you a LIcensee. As a guardian, your notice period is a minimum of 28 days.

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