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Save on security with live-in caretakers

Some properties need full, 24hr guarding or are unsuitable for guardians. If that’s the case, you can still avoid the astronomical costs associated with a full-time security guard with our caretaker service.

A caretaker takes care of the security and maintenance of community buildings whilst living in the property. Their duties include cleaning, performing simple repairs and maintenance tasks and performing security checks for the buildings in their care.

Landlords fully control how much of a caretaker’s time is spent at the property, so if you want, the caretaker will be present during the day and at night and will be fully responsible for your property.


Traditional Security Guard p/w



Sentry Caretakers p/w

Who are our caretakers?

Because we value your properties, we only hire fully licensed, professional and experienced caretakers who can deliver maximum service. Our meticulous vetting system allows us to hire exactly the type of person you want to safeguard your space.

Need your space at a moment's notice?

A caretaker is your best option

With only 24hr notice to leave required, your property can be yours again within one day. A property guardian, on the other hand, usually requires a minimum of 3-6 months contract, which can result in a short waiting period until the property is vacant again.

Why use a live-in caretaker?

Properties that are in extremely poor shape will be empty for a very short while, or have a history of break-ins in the area, are usually unsuitable for guardians. While a guardian merely lives in your empty property, a caretaker’s full-time job might be simply to look after it.

Benefits of a live-in caretaker

Have someone onsite within 24 hrs

Save more than 50% vs security guard costs; prices start from £950pw

Peace of mind; our caretakers are ex-military and SIA licensed

Only 24 hr notice is required when service is no longer needed

We will maintain and look after your property

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