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Sentry Guardians are the UK leaders in empty property protection.

We offer a variety of custom solutions to the issue of empty properties

Having a vacant property brings a host of problems, problems we are determined to eliminate while saving you money at the same time.

Theft? Vandalism? Arson? We’ve seen too many of these headaches play out in real life and were appalled at the high cost of protecting what’s legally yours. We wanted to make a real difference, so we launched Sentry Guardians, a London-based company specialising in protecting your space.

We’re sceptical about one size fits all solutions, preferring to customise our options to the unique needs of our clients. That’s why, in addition to our popular Guardianship scheme (full protection without spending a single penny, anyone?), we also offer Caretaker and Keyholder options, which, in some cases, are more suitable for the specific property in question.

We also understand that at some point, you’ll need your property back- fast and in mint condition, with no strings attached. That’s why we have specific measures in place to ensure you can access what’s yours when you need to without undue hassle.

If you opt for our Guardianship scheme, Sentry will also cover all refurbishment costs, plumbing, repairs etc.

Empty properties matter; so do people

Our mission is to provide industry-leading Property Guardian protection to landlords while helping working professionals find cost-effective ways of living. 

In our experience, people who are treated well respond accordingly. We firmly believe in treating everyone with uncompromising fairness, dignity and integrity and are therefore extremely careful to provide impeccable service not only to our landlords, but to the many caretakers, guardians and keyholders we work with.

This has had a tremendous positive impact, both on the way the property is treated and, of course, on ratings our landlords receive for their flats.

Full protection while fulfilling dreams

We pride ourselves on the fact that we’re able to protect landlords while simultaneously enabling tenants to live their dreams without the price tag. In essence, we’re working for both sides of the coin, and our aim is to provide the ultimate service to every person involved.

We only use people we’d trust in our own homes

We always carefully vet our guardians, caretakers and keyholders to ensure they’re completely trustworthy, upstanding professionals who will take pride in the properties they’re guarding and look after them well.

This is beneficial not only to landlords but to the guardians themselves, who are happy to share their living space with like-minded individuals.

Sleep better at night

We want you to rest assured, confident in the knowledge that your property is fully protected without you having to shell out bucketloads of money to keep it that way. No more panic, time-consuming checkups, or massive bills – just peace of mind. That’s what we want for you; it’s what you want for yourself.

We make empty properties work for you

Whether you own an empty property and want it to earn its keep, or are looking for an affordable place near work to live in, we turn vacant space into a full win-win deal for all parties involved.